Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tight Black Suit

A tight black suit seems like all the rage to all of our female heroines and villians! It amazes me that after all these years we still stick to the same tricks to design a female hero. Only a few movies that I can really think of really pull through and bring us some unique and re-memorable female heroines! Kill Bill's Beatrice was one of them, in her awesome yellow jump suit which was a throw back to the awesome Bruce Lee.

I saw the latest Catwoman design, and was greatly underwhelmed. I get she starts as a burglar, and evolves into the Catwoman, but I feel that this ideation is the easy way out. I trust in Nolan's story telling and will still have much hype for the upcoming film, but honestly they shouldn't have shown us anything.

Anyways, what do you guys think, and I pose this challenge for you all! If you had an opportunity to redesign Catwoman, how would you do it? Feel free to post designs on the blog :)


  1. pretty cool topic.. i've always wanted to do a version of catwoman... but more to the tune of Frazetta's Jaguar God... maybe a Jaguar Queen?

  2. At least what's nice about Aeon Flux is they incorporate other materials into the suit, instead of it being fully leather and latex. Out of all of them, her's seem to be the most comfortable to be in. Where as the G.I. Joe armor suit looks rather uncomfortable to be in. From a woman's point of view, compression of the breasts would be better than molding around them. Same with Black Widow, I imagine she could knock someone out if she turns too quickly. And the basic Catwoman suit just looks horrid to move and fight in. I imagine the material would restrict some movements.

    Speaking of Catwoman, one we failed to mention is the new Arkham City version: http://reapergaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Catwoman_arkhamcity.jpg Catwoman is very sexualized, since she is the romantic interest of Batman. I wonder if Nolan is trying to go a different route with Catwoman, not too sexualized but still appealing.

    Just my two cents! I'm going to do some sketches for Catwoman, especially after my whole fabric rant. :P

  3. cool blog, thanks for the invitation. eager to see what will be coming!

  4. Aonther thing that would be interesting is showing what kind of story you're putting the character in, for example putting the pfeiffer one in a more colorful and happy universe of batman might make her character stick out not in a good way necessarily... humm ok, let's go !

  5. 1 word comes to mind for a catwoman redesign...

  6. :) Indeed! good to see you comment mr Claxton! Long time no see!