Friday, August 12, 2011


For this Friday (Aug 12, 2011)

What and inspires us as artists these days? What is missing?

These kinds of questions swamp me pretty much everyday. Along with the question of 'What is talent?' Where is the line of amazing design, versus terrible design? Let's get into it and get our brains working and have an honest debate with ourselves and our peers.

Let's get specific as well. What is the value of certain methods of drawing. Obviously, there are many different methods to design one thing, but what works best in certain situations. Is it best to venture out to seek out new methods, or should we focus on the one we know and master it. I believe there are no right answer to these questions, but at least well guided ones.

Also, how well do we really know Photoshop! I always brag that I know Photoshop, but do I really know the $700 program as well as I think I do? Let's learn our money's worth and explore new ways to finish a design more effectively or even create a new standard of digital painting.

Let me know what you think! Post a comment, let's get a dialogue going.



  1. I'm still a total n00b to both concept and photoshop. But I guess just to get things started... How the hell do colors work in photoshop? I'm always picking the wrong values and the wrong colors for my studies, where as when I watch Daniol paint it's like BAM! Right color. BAM! Right shade. Practice, yeah, I know. But any pointers?

    Also, clothing design for characters. I find it when there's too much detail going on with characters (i.e. Final Fantasy) it really turns me away, yet a lot of people will start incorporating belt buckles and straps to everything. Yet lately, when I come to design clothes for my own characters, I just want to leave them naked because I simply can't decide on an interesting yet functional clothing design.

    Super excited for tonight! I love the challenge of the club tonight and love being on the edge of my toes! :)


    I feel less bad about saying I'm a noob too. :D

    I'm still trying to find what makes a good design myself. I study more, and I realize that curvy is HARD to draw well. Everytime I think of "sexy design curves" (not sexy curves on a lady, although that probably has some bearing) I think of that one (I think) Infiniti Commercial where the guy draws the entire top half of a car with like 3 brush strokes.

    I have no idea what makes a great design.

    Different methods: I'd like to compare this to a topic I am more familiar with: Music.

    I am a saxophonist. Most wind instrumentalists worries about one note at a time, because that's the limitation. However, I've grown up playing a piano when I was young. I hated it when I was still in elementary school. But doing so helped formulate a grasp of theory, chords, melody and harmony. I play notes with chords and progressions in mind because I had a different musical approach, even though I can only play one note at a time, whereas other wind players may not have that.

    Characters. I love character drawing. I still don't know what causes me to like a first read of a character, but I sure love (though suck at) painting faces.

    Photoshop: "Education is the progressive realization of our ignorance"

    Red Engine has taught me how much I DON'T know about this program. Holy crap. Practical application for filters, EZ mode perspective guidelines, warp transforming.